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February 5, 2010

New version released: instacount® PLUS 3.0

On the international medical trade fair Medica 2009 in Dusseldorf, we presented already a pre-release version of our software system solution. instacount ® PLUS 3.0 is now finished and in the market since a few days. The new version offers numerous innovations and benefits:

  • The workflow-oriented Start window enables effective work.
  • The Master data area has been designed to be more functional, data can now easily be added via Drag & Drop.
  • In many areas the user guidance has been optimized.
  • The direct link to the Aesculap Extranet connects quickly to Aesculap articles, containing reprocessing instructions and other specific information.
  • Throughout the system, the printing functionality has been improved.
  • Individual filters allow new forms of evaluation.
  • The item storage area has been completely new developed.
  • External, user-defined reports can be used individually by separate selection functions.

The updated system requirements for the new version instacount ® PLUS 3.0 are available here.

March 31, 2009

instacount® PLUS 2.7.3 released

After the latest update instacount® PLUS offers these additional functions:

  • hygiene passport
  • weighing of sets
  • label print after load release.

The innovations of instacount® PLUS 2.7.3:

A hygiene passport resumes the fundamental data of the reprocessing cycle for a set. Chronically sorted, it displays data about the decontamination process, the packing and the sterilization process of a set.

The weighing of sets is used to check the completeness of the instruments in a set as quickly as possible. It is possible that sets which have been used for a patient during an operation will return to the CSSD incompletely. But a workable and fast control mechanism between the CSSD exit, usage and CSSD entry is missing. The counting of instruments is in fact an exact, but time-consuming, error-prone and for hygiene reasons partly unrealizable control mechanism. Faster and more efficient is the weighing of sets at certain points of the workflow. Basically the reference weight of a set is recorded in the assembly station after packaging and stored in the instacount.PLUS database. At the checkpoint OR exit and in the set entry of the CSSD the set is weighed again to determine the differences to the according reference weights. This approach is used especially in the Netherlands.

After the sterilization of a load release labels can be printed for certain sets. Beside general information about the set these labels contain the cycle number of the sterilization process and the name of the sterilizer.


instacount.QM instacount.QM instacount.QM

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January 28, 2009

First Swiss user workshop planned.

We are inviting to our first instacount® PLUS workshop for Switzerland, to be held in Sempach some time after Easter. The workshop is planned as a meeting of CSSD staff working with our Swiss customers. Apart from promoting contacts between the participants, it will serve to introduce the new instacount® PLUS version, its functions and learning curve.

January 28, 2009

Workshops at special, low prices

We now offer special workshops about the instacount® PLUS modules. The workshops will be held four times a year, at our head office in Duisburg. Apart from the scheduled training contents, there will be plenty of time for individual questions and problem solutions. The dates and precise training plans will be published on this website and sent to all customers within the coming days.

January 1, 2009

INVITEC starts the year 2009 with a new Internet presence.

Our new website offers even more information about our products (from instacount.HDI to instacount.PDI), the company and the services it can offer. We also extended our Service & Support pages with useful and practical information about instacount® PLUS. From there you can download product documentation, manuals, device drivers for system-specific hardware, auxiliary software, etc. To make things even easier and more convenient for you, we can also send you the whole package on our “Service DVD”.