Welcome to INVITEC

INVITEC GmbH & Co. KG is a full subsidiary of Aesculap AG. For the last ten years, INVITEC has been developing and marketing the instacount® PLUS instrument management system, the system solution that integrates instrument management and the processing and supply of sterile materials into comprehensive procedures. instacount® PLUS is used by more than 400 hospitals worldwide.

Due to its modular structure, instacount® PLUS can be configured according to the individual requirements and fiscal means of each hospital. The system can grow with each customer’s actual needs. This great flexibility is ensured by a strong group of distribution partners offering every conceivable service around instruments and instacount® PLUS, from installation and setup to user training, support, inventory analysis, data services and assistance with cost optimization.

instacount® PLUS takes your hospital into the future, giving you a fully networked, optimized instrument management system that will never let you down.

instacount® PLUS – right for today, ready for tomorrow!

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