instacount® PLUS software system solution

The innovative instrument management software instacount® PLUS integrates all relevant processes and data into one transparent, integrated system. From instrument organization, through tracking the history of serial numbers of encoded instruments, down to every aspect of the processing and supply of sterile materials – instacount® PLUS is quickly implemented and comprehensively supports your individual instrument management.

You can only be ready for the future if you can adapt to continuous change. Therefore, flexibility is a crucial feature of our entire software concept. The modular structure of instacount® PLUS allows individual configurations whose type and extent are guided by the conditions and the budget of your hospital. Starting from the basic functions, your system can be extended to provide comprehensive process solutions. The straightforward expandability of our software system ensures continuous solutions at every instance, and protects your investment.

With our instacount® PLUS software philosophy, we have consistently pursued one singular goal: to offer optimal solutions for a professional, future-safe instrument management system.

Our customers can rely on the innovative power of our tightly-knit network of Partners. We maintain contacts with experienced specialists, whose expertise benefits the introduction and continuous care for systems and users. instacount® PLUS also comprises services directly concerning the instruments. Our Partners can offer you a comprehensive service package, from inventory analysis and set reorganization to UNICOS encoding and collection of master data – preparing your hospital for the future.